Sending bulk email campaigns

Hi all

I have, what i deem to be a very simple problem, but i am having a lot of trouble finding any kind of reference to it online.

I am a new user and have a list of prospects (200+) that i would like to send a marketing message to, how do i do this…?

It will be a “simple text” message, perhaps with a link - and all i want to do is batch together the contacts and send the same message to the list.

I have integrated mailchimp and set up an account but there doesn’t appear to be any kind of two way integration (not a simple one anyway)

Am i missing something super obvious here, it feels like it

Thanks in advance


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I’m having a similar issue - we have a Mailchimp account integrated as well, but we use that more for newsletters and marketing campaigns, and I want a simple way to email all the people listed in a certain “group” with a much simpler message than a whole formatted campaign.

Our use case: We have a Mailchimp list with a whole bunch of people on it, including volunteers, donors, clients, etc. who get our newsletter. But I want a way to email the volunteers in a certain group, to say for example “we need X volunteers for Y activity, reply if interested.”

So far the only ways I can think to do this are either through Mailchimp, even though that’s not really the best tool for this use-case, or to make a separate Google Group or something.

Hi guys,

Sorry for just getting back to you on this now.

I suggest checking out the Communihub app which is built for this very use.

You can learn more about it here: CommuniHub App for emails and activities – Support

Let me know if that helps?