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Hello, I’m running into a huge problem. I often need to e-mail batches of people who are not users on Let’s say I’m trying to sell something. I’m organizing a presentation for potential buyers and I want to invite a small group of 20 contacts to this presentation. I’ve got a board of contacts set up: each pulse has a potential buyer’s name, & e-mail address. But how do I e-mail a group of them? They are not users of because they are just potential buyers. I would never ask a potential buyer to set up an account on my system, that would be cumbersome and premature. So how do I e-mail all 20 people on my list? The way is set up, I’d have to hand click on each buyer’s e-mail address and then send the invitations one by one. There’s no way to select multiple pulses and then send an e-mail to all of them. There’s not even a way to bulk copy the e-mail addresses from the e-mail field and paste them into my mail program. Please help! I need an efficient way to communicate with batches of people who are not on my account.

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Hey there! Great question! Have you checked out our email integration? Together with that and the email column (on your contact board) you can send out bulk emails using a trigger such as a status or column change.

Yes, will be manual to enter in the email addresses of those clients at the start but you can then use batch actions to change the status of all of those potential buyers and send out an email using one of the recipes above. Here’s a bit more information on this:
Email integration
Batch actions - edit multiple items in one click

Would using these help achieve what you’re looking for?

Hello, yes-- I’ve looked at integrations. A few problems with that:

  1. E-mail integrations don’t work with lookup columns. I have a board with contact names/e-mail addresses & other info. Then I have a separate board to manage groups of invitations lists (the same contact can be invited to more than one event, so I need two boards). The target lists link back to the contact board, with a mirror column for the e-mail address. Currently, mirror columns which contain e-mail addresses do not work with the mail integrations.

  2. Even if that did work, why do I need to change the status of something or have some other elaborate trigger in order to send an e-mail? Sometimes, I just need to e-mail someone (or a small batch of someones). These are one-time things, I don’t need to set up an automation because, if I’m just sending an e-mail, it’s not necessarily something that repeats. I want to be able to click on a few names, then send the e-mail without having to go through some artificial and cumbersome workflow just to satisfy the requirements of an automation trigger that I don’t need on an ongoing basis.

… Adding on to this: I’d like to point out that integrations require you to set up an e-mail template. An integration assumes that you are sending the same info by e-mail every time. But I’m not necessarily sending the same info every time. Sometimes, I’m e-mailing a batch of people to invite them to an event. Other times, I’m e-mailing a different batch of people to ask about their availability for a collaboration. Maybe I just want to invite a few people out to lunch. I have lots of different reasons for sending e-mails to lots of different small batches of people. The current automations would require me to set up a separate automation, and template, and status label for every conceivable e-mail scenario. It assumes that every group e-mail communication is part of a larger workflow. But that’s not the case. A lot of times, e-mails are just one time events. Or they are independent of a workflow. I just want to be able to click on names and compose a one-time e-mail to that group.

In case anyone else is running into the same problem, here’s a workaround. To e-mail a group of people from a board:

  1. Select pulses from a board
  2. Click “export” to download those pulses as an Excel spreadsheet
  3. open the download in Excel (or a compatible spreadsheet program)
  4. copy/paste the e-mail addresses from the spreadsheet column into your e-mail program
  5. Send group e-mail

This solution even works with with mirrored e-mail columns-- so even if you are using mirrored data in your column, you can still export it and use it to send a group e-mail.

This is a very clunky and time consuming way to handle things, but until they come up with a simple solution for sending group e-mails, it does work.

Any news on this ? Is it on the roadmap ?

I’d love a solution to the exact predicament Typo is describing too please :slight_smile:

Same here, we want to automate periodical email to clients that are in backlog (just to let them know we haven’t forgotten about them :-).

Their email address is on our planning board but they are not guests on that board (for privacy reasons as all our clients that are onboarding are on that board.

With the automation I can send periodic emails to team members or guests on our board, but I have no option to select the client (even though I have the email column with the client’s email address on the board.