SEO improvements for public marketplace (loading time, proper HTML links, etc)

I notice some feature requests in here, so I’m going to have my say on some off the top of my head.

1. Vendor home page in marketplace

Somewhere that the marketplace vendor can link to with all their apps displayed. Maybe even say a little about themselves.

2. Proper HTML links in marketplace / Search engine discovery

Has anyone seen the code for the app marketplace? A lot of links are not actually links, but Javascript click events. Making the marketplace browsable by search engines would be very useful for app findability for all apps.

Also, I use CTRL+Click to open links in new browser tabs (think loads of open tabs). This just isn’t possible unless you are using links.

When it comes to search engine discovery, the marketplace appears to be a closed book unless it’s an app that’s listed on the front page.

3. Allow vendors to update app page text and images

Dunno about you, but I don’t want to wait for someone at monday•com to update my copy and images for me, or even have to do that job.

I’m happy for there to be an approval step if required, but would like change things myself.

4. Marketplace load times

Can this be improved? It’s somewhat slow even on a fast connection

I’m seeing 35MB of content loaded in 188 requests in a total time of around 17 seconds in the developer console.

I see the first contentful paint taking 6.4 seconds.

I can recommend the Lighthouse reports in Chrome developer tools for more info.

Hey @dvdsmpsn !

Thanks for your feedback here - see my comments:

  • Vendor homepage: A similar feedback/request was received a long time ago - currently it’s not in our roadmap for the upcoming months.
  • HTML links: We’re going to examine a few improvement during October-November that will improve the existing situation.
  • Updates to the content on the app listing page: Indeed, very valid point, especially for partners with multiple apps listed. During Q4 we’re going to examine a few paths and give partners an independent and more convenient way to submit such request for changes. We’ll keep you posted once it becomes relevant.
  • Load times: We’re carefully monitoring this and we actually improved it in the last few weeks. If it happens again, I’d appreciate it if you can record the screen / send us any info to so we’ll check it further.

Have a nice weekend!


Hi @hen replying to this thread to echo these requests. We’d love a vendor homepage like we have on the Atlassian marketplace, but I would say the other three are even more valuable in the near-term to accelerate growth for marketplace partners.

I have personally been experiencing very slow load times over the last month or two. Sometimes 8 seconds or longer. Uploading a quick video taken just now. Anyway, additional improvements to load times would be huge for SEO rankings and bounce rates. Thanks!


@hen theres been some more upvotes in this, but they are most interested in #1 - the vendor homepage.

Is that on the roadmap anywhere yet? :pray:

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Using proper HTML links instead of JavaScript click events is essential for search engine discoverability and user navigation, especially for power users like me who love to CTRL+Click for quick tab opening.

@Lawky an update for links rather than click events has now been deployed to marketplace.

You’ll notice as a result that all the product pages have started appearing in SERPs.

I’ve noticed that the load times are improved somewhat and last time I looked, total content size is down from ~35MB to ~11MB. This is a massive improvement, but there is still some way to go. I’m not sure, but maybe it’s automated compression of the image gallery which would fix that.