Server and Database Guidelines for Instagram Integration

Hi fellow reader,

Me and my team have some questions regarding what we would need for a server to host an integration with Instagram API.

We are looking to adapt the Slack Integration Template to publish a post on Instagram based on the Publish Date of Monday’s Social Media Calendar template.

From my current understanding, we would need a webserver to host the integration and a database to host the Monday access tokens for user’s who authorized the use of our integration.

What else do we need a server for in our integration?
What else do we need to store in the database?

Thank you for your time.

Hi @yizucodes!

We can leave this up for our other amazing community members to also comment on.

Right off the top of my head you can also use a database (granted that you’re implementing the correct security practices) to store recently accessed data in your database to reduce query time.

For example, if certain data is used more frequently, you can store the info so you don’t have the query it from the database again!