Set a Record Column Value based on other Records

I am trying to add an automation to a board that will set a record to the MAX + 1 of the existing records. I cannot figure out any way for one record to interact with or read other records. Is this possible? (To clarify, I am not asking about interactions with other columns within the same record.)

@andrew24 That’s right. In, items on the same board behave in a consistent way. So you can’t really expect one item to have different type of data or act as some kind of summary of other items (as you might with rows in a spreadsheet, where each row can contain different types of data).

One way to do this would be to connect all of these items to a single item on another board. This would then be able to aggregate the data from all of the connected items using a mirror column. If you set the mirror column to Show Summary as “Max”, then you can use that Max value in a formula column for your aggregator item.