Set date by variable predefined intervals based on a specific date

I am struggling with an automatisation that I hope the community can help with.

What I am trying to achieve is a tempate I use for a launch date for a project. I know in this project I have a certain flow of actions that needs to be completet each time. for example:

Order food for event. 8 days before event
Book venue. 23 days before event.
and so on.

I create a board from a template for each event, and use this to assign people to a task.

Where I am struggling i creating the automisation that can auto populate the “date” field, so it hits the responsible persons “my work” function.

I can fairly easily populate a deadline calculation using formulas, but given the limitationsin using formulas in a “date” field, I can not auto populate this date.

I have looked at the automisation options as well for push date or set date, but both these can only be a set number of days based on my creating date, not a work back date based on a future date.

If only I could use push date as a work bak. for example. “Push date -15 days from launch date.” then I could easily build the rest using other criteria in the automisations.

Any suggetstion would be appreciated.

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Hey Philip,

Hm, I hear you - this is an interesting one…

Whilst it is possible to push date back days, it would require that date column to initially have the same date as the launch date, i.e.:

Screen Shot 2024-02-08 at 1.05.00 pm

It also require you to have a trigger for the action - i.e. status change.

Whilst I understand this isn’t the most ideal route, could something like this work for you?

The challenge here is I can not set different actions to different dates using this method, unless I am misunderstanding something.

In the board in question I have 100 or so items, that happens over the span of 6 months, so setting dates this way still only takes todays date into question, whereas what I am trying to acheive is working back from a event date in the future.

Alternativly I have to set as many statusses, that I may as well fill in the date manually.

For now I have opted to have a deadline calculated, and upon creating the borad from template it set 3 days and then owners are notified to go in and update thier dates with respect for the deadline.

it is a bit of a manual workaround that is less than ideal, but it will work until I find a better solution.