Setting up time tracking for projects

Hi thanks for your reply, we have since scrapped the idea of using Toggl in favour of using Monday’s inbuild time tracking and then reporting on the time using a dashboard.

What I am interested in now though, although this is possibly not the right thread now, is how we can return the total time tracked against a project.

For context this is what we are trying to setup:

We have clients who signup for retained marketing services. Essentially they pre-pay for a block of time which can be rolled over if not used.

I have a board setup for retained clients which details their monthly budget and increments each month to show the total hours they have paid for which is working great.

We then have a High level projects board linked to a Low level task board. Each task is connected to the appropriate project for that client. Time is tracked on the low level task board and then mirrored to the High level board for an overview. Each project in the high level project board is also connected to my retained client boards relative client.

The difficulty I now have is to return the total time spend for all projects associated with this client back to the retained client board.
If I return a mirrored column it returns the time as an array which cannot be used in a formula and so I cannot perform any checks or total the time.

Any suggestions?

Maybe the approach I took will inspire a solution?

Time is tracked on a single board with each session connected to the relevant project(s). (That’s not quite what’s shown in my video, when I just using tags).

That allows a session of work to be on one or more projects, and to count against their totals.

And it avoids issues I had with leaving multiple trackers running.