Collate hours from timesheet boards into project boards

Hi all, I have set up our workflow so that each project has its own board and items are billable tasks. We have ‘Planned Effort’ which comes from the quote that we provided the client, but would like to track ‘Actual Effort’ through timesheets to tell us if we are spending too much time on tasks.


I have set up timesheet boards for each staff which connect to the project board (e.g. ENV-23-005) and associated task (e.g. 'Finalise report…).

I know I can see the hours analysed against various parameters in a dashboard, but I would also like the total hours per task to appear under the ‘Actual Effort’ columns in each of their corresponding items in the project boards. Preferably in live time, but at least synced at the end of each month for invoicing purposes.

I have investigated connect boards and formula columns as well as utilising an add-on app, but have not yet been able to find a straightforward solution. I also know of the built-in time tracking column, but this has limitations and is not the most efficient for our workflows (i.e. it is quicker/easier for staff to track their time in one board rather than seek out each project and each task individually to put time against each time they work on it). Am I missing something obvious or does anyone have an app or work-around for this? Thank you!

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hi @jenelikan

Welcome to the community! In my opinion the best app for time tracking is TimesheetPro by WorkPerfect. Users enter their time in an app / boardview (only those tasks where the user is assigned to are available for time reporting) in a very easy calendar form. The total time entered for a task is fed back to the board the task resides in (in a number column). The app comes with extensive reporting (pivot table and graphs) to analyze all time entered throughout your entire monday account.

Thanks @basdebruin, that looks like a great app - especially love the automatic linking as well as reporting features, as this is the main reason we are refining our time tracking.

However, it looks like you will need to set up the app within each separate project board and are therefore only able to add hours against tasks for one project at a time? We usually have around 10-20 projects running at any given time so I’d like for each staff member to be able to have their own ‘master timesheet’ board that links to each project, so they can track everything from one spot rather than switching between boards. Is this possible?

hi @jenelikan

That is correct. The app uses two levels (projects & tasks) and can be set up to use:

  • Projects as items, Tasks as subitems
  • Projects as groups, Tasks as items

From what I understand you are looking for:

  • Projects as boards, Tasks as items

This is currently not supported by the app. I can discuss this in more detail with the app owner @Shamika_Khedkar from Work Perfect.

Hi Jenna,
Happy to assist here. You can build a simple workflow to use TimesheetsPro within a single board and runa multiple projects at any time. Here’s an overview video on how to achieve this workflow.

If you want to explore more , you can book in a call with me.