How to pull the total of time tracking columns into a high level board

I have about 30 project boards which have time tracking in them.
I also connect all 30 boards to a high level board.
I would like to pull through the total of the time tracking column on each board into the high level board.

This will allow me to track the time spent on projects against the Planned time spent, rolling all boards into 1 dashbaord.

Hello @jacquigraham !

Normally a chart widget or something similar would be optimal, but unfortunately they do not support the time tracking widget.

I do not know how extensive your boards are, but an option would be to have a high level board with one item for each board, connected to all items in the original board.

That way you could see in one place the time tracking for all your projects.

Giannis,Implementation Consultant at

The Rollup Multiple Boards app supports adding all time entries from a connected board and place the summary in a number or text column in the high level board.