Looking for advice about adding summary columns into a dashboard

Is there a way to take a summary of time spent from the time tracking column, but only for specific tasks - which is based in a certain status and pull that information info a different board automatically? (I am NOT interested in paying for an expert or an app. Monday is so expensive as it is). Thanks for your help and suggestions!

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I’m afraid I’m not 100% certain what you’re looking to do here. I think it would be really helpful to better understand the context, what you’re looking to achieve, and how this fits in to your overall workflow.

That said, if you’re looking to see your time tracking information from one board displayed in another, you can use the Connect Boards and Mirror columns to achieve this.

Another option, especially if you’re needing to filter down the information in the time tracking column, might be to use the Time tracking widget within a dashboard instead.
This will allow you to see a combined total of time tracked against specific boards, by user. You can then add custom filters, such as specific status labels to the widget to further filter down the data.

You can read about both of these options below:
The Connect Boards Column
The Mirror Column
The Dashboards
The Time Tracking Widget

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Hi @tara ,

Yes we can have the summarize form of total time spent per task for certain status using dashboard.
for eg. If you want to have the total time spent per status option or for certain status option.


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Just wanted to check in and see if any of the above suggestions could be an option for you here?
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