Setup work timeline and dependencies

I have several projects setup on a board with a similar flow. My end goal is to have a gannt chart with a timeline that updates as durations change. I have this all setup with actions and it works. For simplicity say I have 10 projects that are setup as design, purchase, build with each of the 3 being dependent on the one before. So once design is done we can purchase and once that is done we can build.

I want to assign the designers to the projects and I want to be able to give them so many days for the design. They won’t be able to start on designing for project 2 until they are done with project 1.

Here is where I am not sure what to do.

I could use the dependency to of design 1 before starting on design 2, but that requires a lot of changes of dependencies if projects get shuffled. For example if project 5 gets moved ahead of project 2 or if I need to change who is doing the design I need to make sure all their design dependencies are set right and these are spread across many projects so its hard to visualize.

The other idea I had was to use the workload and try and manually shift the dates of work to keep them to one project at a time. But again it doesn’t seem user friendly and I want to be able to just add ore remove a few days to the durations and have the gannt update.

Lastly the idea I am working with now is I created a new project for each person and then dragged the design task down to their list and that makes keeping the dependencies lined up very easy because they are all in one spot. However my issue with this is it removes “design” from the original project display. Its not bad, but I would prefer it show up in there too. I looked at mirroring, but I don’t think that does what I want.

I am looking for suggestions for how to do all of this.
This is what I currently have…

Hey @thickerson,

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Based on the information you’ve shared, it sounds like the idea you’re toying with now (creating a new project for each person) might work most seamlessly and practically. That said, would you be able to elaborate a little further on the pain point - i.e. what is the project display? Is this group of items in your board that you’d like to remain fixed - i.e. a template? Would you be happy to share a screenshot? This way we can explore your options according to your current structure. Additionally, am I right in assuming that this screenshot aligns with your current set-up/the aforementioned idea?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for the reply.

Yes that screen shot is my current setup. In that setup I moved each of the workloads “Design” work to a separate Project. Like I said it works and accomplishes most of what I want.

However my issue is when I look at the main project (where the design subitem was moved from) I would really like to still see design in this list.
Does that make sense?

Ideally I would like the “Design” to appear in both places.

Another way to accomplish what I want would work if I could advance filter on subitems. Then I could create a view showing each persons work, but since filtering on subitems isn’t available yet this doesn’t work either.

Do you have any suggestions?

I am afraid for the design subitem to appear in both places, you would need to set up a specific automation that isn’t currently supported within the subitems - my apologies, I will definitely share this feedback with our team! That being said, you should be able to filter by subitems using advanced filtering:

Is this not the case on your end?