Sharing Instagram to Monday & Calender View

Hi all, i am new to Monday and am testing the software and others as well just wanted to know how to do these 2 things.

#1 - If i find a post/reel/video on Instagram or tiktok that i found interesting that will benefit my business. Like a new product or a sale that is going on (or in my case a new recipe idea ,i run F&B stores) I would want to share it from the iPhone(Instagram/tiktok etc) to Monday & create a task in Monday automatically “Review this item” for example. I cant seem to find Monday on the iPhone suggestions when i Share it from those apps. It does work with small 2Do list apps, Emails, pocket,pinterest etc… but i cant get Monday to appear.

#2 In the calendar View , how can i see the Tasks along with the Calendar? For example my calendar is on the Left (Month View) and all my Boards on the right with its tasks that i can Drag from Tasks Section to the Calendar? Or do i have to add every task as a date?

#1 did you try to connect it with the API ? (Connect your to Instagram integration in 2 minutes | Zapier)

#2 did you try integration ? (

Thanks Axel1 for the reply ,

But both these methods don’t do what i need unfortunately.

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Hi @Sultan.T !

For #1 I might suggest adding the Link or Files column. This would allow you to copy and past the share link and connect it to a specific item in

For #2 the calendar view syncs with a date column to properly display items to their respective dates. This does means that every task (item) you would add would have to have a date in order for it to display on the calendar.

Hope this helps!

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