Todoist integration

Hi there, I am trying to make it so if I put a pulse in Monday it automatically makes a new task in todoist. Maybe when the due date is reached it creates a task in todist. Or can that be done maybe with google calender not todoist? Thanks so much!!

Hey @PGDesigns I’m curious to know why you use Todoist as well as…? If you don’t mind me asking

Do not mind you asking at all. Basically 2 reasons
I am in social media marketing and content creation.
First repeating tasks. I can schedule repeating tasks in todoist. I have clients that are realtors. And they want say every monday to showcase a property for sale. Todoist allows me to set a reocuuring task for that. And I can easily check it off when done but it automatically repeats the next Monday.

And second, Todoist has an chrome extension. So lets say I find an article I may want to use as a post or at least for a post idea. With the Todoist app I click the app it allows me to send a link of the article right to the clients project. And even schedule it if I wanted to. I know that I can email the Monday board but chrome has no more email to link. You have to open gmail or outlook or whatever paste the link there, send it as a pulse to the board, then it goes into the emailed pulse group and you have to move it to the right group.

I am new to Monday but I do not think they do these. Unless you can help??

Hey @PGDesigns, thanks so much for posting about this! Talia here for the team.

I wonder if you’ve already checked out our repeating tasks automations :blush: This will set up automatic recurring tasks directly within

I also wonder what you would think about using the link column in If you kept open in one tab, you could simply paste the URL of the article into the link column, which would be one click (or keyboard shortcut) to copy the URL and one click to paste it:

Our integration with Todoist does not work from to Todoist, but instead is triggered the other way around—from Todoist to Here’s a picture of the integration recipe:

Let me know what you think!