Slack vs Slack Integration Plus

Slack vs Slack Integrateplus

Hi All,

can someone help me understand the difference in features and benefits in functionality regarding just using slack vs using Slack Integrate plus. I am struggling to understand the difference


Hey Kirsten,

I’d recommend reaching out directly to the Slack team on this as they can likely provide you with a more concrete explanation of the differences! You can reach them here, Slack Help Centre | Slack!

Hi @KirstenLeighton
Thanks for your interest in Slack IntegratePlus for Here’s a quick summary of the main differences. We hope this helps. Alternatively, we’d be delighted to understand your particular use case in more detail so we can help identify how the app could help. Kindly let us know. BTW, we do offer a free 14 day trial in case you want to try out the functionality for yourself. Best regards, Jay

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