Slack Integrate Plus separate cost to

Hi All,

Just a question here if we purchase work management features when integrating with Slack Integrate Plus is that an additional cost to or part of the full fee for our team.

Thanks in advance

Hey Kirsten!

Whilst we support the native Slack integration, we don’t currently support Slack IntegratePlus - this is an app available via our apps marketplace.

I hope this helps!

Hi Bianca, thanks for getting back to me so does this mean its an extra seprate cost separate to

Yes, if you plan to use the Slack IntegratePlus app, that will be an extra separate cost.

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Thanks Alfred really appreciate it


Hey @KirstenLeighton

Being a recognized integrations services provider, we would recommend you use the intuitive Slack integration. When you plan to connect the Slack IntegratePlus app with, it will yield an extra separate cost. Whereas, by using built-in integration, you can connect multiple Slack accounts and simplify communication.

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