Small team looking for someone to construct and deploy Monday

Small production company in Carmel Indiana is looking for help implementing Monday. Would prefer someone local if possible.

Many thanks in advance.

Hello @Amapesing
We here at JT’s Cloud can certainly help you implement for your organisation.

We are based within Australia, however we can cater to work for your local time as required.
Would love to meet you and understand what requirements you require, please book in a session via the below link:
Book Meeting Here

Kind regards,
Alex Robinson
JT’s Cloud

Hi, @Amapesing - Welcome to the community. We’re not local in Indiana, but we are a small agency based out of Sanford, NC. If you don’t find someone in your neck of the woods in Carmel, let’s chat!

You can book a time here so we can explore how Polished Geek can help you do more with monday․com:

~ Deb Cinkus
Product Certified monday․com Partner