"Smart columns?" Convert imperial or metric depending on the user

Hi! I work with an international team, and we need to communicate measurements to each other frequently.

We have a “dimensions” column and would like to be able to enter a number in inches or mm, depending on where the user is from. It would be great if somehow this number could automatically convert back-and-forth, depending on what the user selects for their preferred view.

Another option could be to have two columns - one in inches, one in mm. In that case, we would need them to have a two-way link, so that no matter which one you populate with a number, the other one automatically “does the math.”

I haven’t found an app out there that already does this. I would really appreciate some help!


Hi @cat.goliath -We have a currency conversion app that’s very similar to what you are describing. It takes one number column and converts it into another based on the current conversion rates. However, since your conversion rates are fixed and never change, the simplest thing is probably just to use the General Caster app. It can take the first number column, apply the appropriate conversion math, and then cast the resulting number back into the second column, and vice versa.

You can find the General Caster app in the Marketplace here: monday.com: Apps Marketplace

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General Caster developed by our team at Omnidea is recommended. Please contact us for any question regarding its features at info@omnidea.it


Hi @cat.goliath - Agreed with @PolishedGeek that General Caster is your best solution, especially if you want to utilize those columns as numeric columns for automations, etc.

Otherwise, you could use a series of 3 columns. “Measurement” (Number), “UoM” (status) and “Conversion” (Formula).

Basically you enter the measurement (either mm or inch) in the numeric column, fill in the UoM to specify mm or inch, then the conversion column will calculate the other unit.




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General Caster is working!! Thank you all so much! :heart_eyes:


LOL, I did not realize this had already been solved when I started looking at it.

For anyone interested, here are the formulas I came up with. The first takes whatever is keyed and returns both mm and inches. The second returns whichever is not given.

ROUND((IF(SEARCH("m",LOWER({Text})&"m") <= LEN({Text}), 1, 0) + IF(OR(SEARCH("i",LOWER({Text})&"i") <= LEN({Text}), SEARCH("n", LOWER({Text})&"n")<=LEN({Text})),25.4,0)) * TRIM(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(LOWER({Text}), "m", " "),"i", " "),"n", " ")),0) & "mm  / " & ROUND(((IF(SEARCH("m",LOWER({Text})&"m") <= LEN({Text}), 1/25.4, 0) + IF(OR(SEARCH("i",LOWER({Text})&"i") <= LEN({Text}), SEARCH("n", LOWER({Text})&"n")<=LEN({Text})),1,0)) * TRIM(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(LOWER({Text}), "m", " "),"i", " "),"n", " "))),1) & "in"
(ROUND((IF(SEARCH("m",LOWER({Text})&"m") <= LEN({Text}), 1/2.54, 0) + IF(OR(SEARCH("i", LOWER({Text})&"i") <= LEN({Text}), SEARCH("n", LOWER({Text})&"n")<=LEN({Text})),25.4,0)) * TRIM(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(LOWER({Text}), "m", " "),"i", " "),"n", " ")),0) / IF(SEARCH("m",LOWER({Text})&"m") <= LEN({Text}), 10, 1)) & IF(SEARCH("m",LOWER({Text})&"m") <= LEN({Text}), "in", "mm")

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