"Snapshot" automation

I am trying to come up with a way to automatically take a “snapshot” of a board at a certain date & time.

I have a “Portfolio” board that lists 100+ projects that are currently active in my company. There is a date column called “Projected Handoff” that each project manager updates quarterly. Ideally this would be set and never change, but as project risks are realized this date CAN change.

I need to take a “snapshot” at the beginning of each quarter that captures the date that is in that handoff column and store it somewhere - same board, different board, doesn’t matter. The end result wanted is that we can track which projects were projected and handed off within the same quarter, or on the flip side, which projects were projected but did NOT handoff. And there are always situations where maybe 2 projects were projected, but a completely different 2 were handed off. Just a count doesn’t capture the fact that the projects handed off aren’t the ones that were projected.


Hello @straberiwine,

I am still relatively new to Monday, this may actually be my first post, so this may not work for you, but I just wanted to share what I use for a similar situation. I have a board with columns for a Date that we need to document and then columns for Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 dates to trigger automations.

I use a series of automations based on the quarter dates to take a snapshot. The automation creates a new item in a different board based on the information from the original item. This new item would be the snapshot you described.

The item’s are sorted by the Quarter and the 4 automations for the 4 quarters sort the holdover date to the appropriate column.

Now, mine is designed on a much smaller scale (like 10 - 20 items) so I am not sure how the increase in number of items will effect the automation duration.

Hope this helps a little,