Sort Kanban according to person

Currently can only sort by Status or Priority. Would love to be able to sort by Owner as well.

Also, just to vent… currently to do this, the support agent suggested I set up FIVE NEW VIEWS!!! 4 for each of the people I want to show, and then the 5th view to amalgmate all. For a simple visualisation, this makes ZERO sense. And I refuse to pay for Pro just for this one simple thing.

Hey Esty!

Charlotte here! :wave: Happy to help out with this!

When you go to your Kanban view and click “person” at the top of it, does this not show you the filtered results you’re looking to see? Or are you wanting to specify which people column the view is sorted by here?

Totally hear you about how that 5-view solution isn’t a good practice for what you’re looking for. Hopefully this idea is helpful but please let me know if it’s not what you need!