SQL - Search Items by column values - by Range of dates

Is there any way to search for items between range of dates while I have one date column in the board?
Quite urgent :slight_smile:
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Hello there,

Matias here!

You can not add a parameter to your query to filter using dates.

In this case you would have to retrieve all of the items in the board, and the value of that date column and then do the filtering on your end, using those values.

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Thanks Matias !
I have more than 7,000 items in the board. It takes lot of time to process.
In addition, what is the Max limit of items to be retrieved with API?


Hello again,

As a workaround you could build a flow in which the items get sorted into different groups by date.

You could then specify the group/s you want to retrieve.

As for the limit, you can retrieve as many items as you want via API, but you will probably need to use pagination for this.

Let me know if you have more questions!


Thanks. I made couple of scenarios to get the items each time by different filter.


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