Stacked bar Chart unable to add data from a second column-datasource

In our organization, we use a board where we have 3 columns for monitoring the days taken for 3 distinct phases of our process. The first column keeps the days taken to review the item, the second column keeps the time taken to implement the task and the last column keeps the time taken to approve.

We need to visualize how these times change over the years but also how the total time from reviewing to approving has changed over the years. We think that the best chart option would be to have the years at X-Axis and the Y-Axis to be a stacked bar with the average of the 3 time components separately. The total height of the bar would be the total days needed for the whole task to complete.
We tried with the stacked bar but in only allows us only one column for grouping. The normal bar chart allows us multiple data columns but obviously one next to other and not stacked.

1.Is there any way we can achieve what we are trying with the built in Monday functionality ?
2.We can write our own widget but the provided Hello World seems very basic and in fact we don’t know where we can start with such a widget. Please note that our team is very experienced with c# but not experienced at all with react.

Thank you in advance.

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Regarding question 1, I am not sure I understand exactly what you need. Would you be able to provide a screenshot of an example board and an image of how you want the information to be displayed? It can be a simple example made with Excel or even Paint, just to understand what you need to achieve.

Regarding question 2, you can build whatever you want to build for a widget. It works like an iframe, so you can use any language/framework for your widget. You would need to use our API or our SDK to retrieve the information from your board and then you can display it in your widget using your front end made with any language/framework you want.


Thanks for your prompt reply.

The three different colors in the above bar graph correspond to the average of three different columns on our board.
What we want to achieve is instead of having for each year the bars one next to another we would like to have one stacked bar for each year which will have all the three parameters stacked.

I hope this helps.

Hello again,

I believe you can use the “stacked” graph as explained in this article.

Is that what you were looking for?

Hi, unfortunately this article does not work for what we want to do. The problem is that stacked Bars do not support multiple data columns.
We will try to give a custom solution by creating a widget.

Thank you for your help.

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No problem!
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I just spent a lot of time trying to make the Stack Bar work with 2 columns, but no luck. Is it possible to share your solution code change.


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@janadel, I think @Cross49028 's request is for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, I am having a similar challenge. Essentially following is what I need to accomplish. Do I need to create another board? any suggestions?

Hello @SamuelG,

Would you be able to please ask this in the General FAQ section?

Someone will take a look into it there.