Stacked Bar Graph

I have two number columns “#spoken” and “#outbound calls”.

I want to create stacked bar graph that shows the #spoken column number as part of the larger #outbound calls number.

Something like this:

How would I do this?

Hi@winona ,

To get this you should do the following items:
1)Make sure you have a board in with the necessary columns spoken and outbound calls.
2)n your board, click on the “+” button to add a new widget or view
3)Within the chart options, look for the stacked bar graph or stacked column chart type.

you can select the column to be see in bar graph and can select the calculation function

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Hi, thank you for your response.

Is it then also possible to get the two columns to stack? Or is this only possible displayed in two separate columns?

Thank you,

Yes, this is possible.

How do you make the columns stack? When I choose the stacked bar graph option I can’t choose multiple y axis values.

Is it at all possible to stack multiple columns in I have the same problem. I’m trying to stack 4 number columns per item (client) that shows the number of calls, connects, demo’s booked and demo’s booked via email/text.

If Monday can’t do this through the chart settings is this something that is possible via GraphQL?

Hi, can you please elaborate on how this is possible?

Thank you,