Is it possible to to create a stacked bar chart using multiple columns

I’ve been unable to find a solution to this: can I create a stacked bar chart using multiple columns.

I have an item call log that reflects the subitem totals for
• calls
• calls connected
• demo’s booked
• demo’s booked (via email/text)

Each sub item is a client with the 4 columns mentioned above.
So on the specific day, a rep could have made multiple calls to the same client booking multiple demos…

This item and subitem structure is replicated each day and a new count ensues.

I’d like to show a chart, over a given time frame, of all the clients (sub items) on the x-axis and a stacked total made up of the four columns. As in the y-total = calls + calls connected + demo’s booked + demo’s booked (via email/text).

Not sure if I have my selection wrong in the graph settings or if the board needs to be structured differently (each rep has their own board and each group represents a month of call logs), or is something that requires a 3rd party tool?



Hey @lianvw,

I am afraid it isn’t currently possible to choose multiple columns in the stacked bar chart, I apologise for the setback here… :pray:

I’ve played around with structures, and whilst you can utilise a normal bar chart, the time frame aspect is lost…

The problem here is that to have the X axis display the client names, this means we can’t measure across a period of time … alternatively, if you choose to display the group on the x axis, we lose the client name element…

I understand this is a limitation on our end, so will happily share this feedback with the relevant team internally :pray:

Thanks, so what is the work around here, 3rd party apps? I just came upon another problem, I can’t change the colours of the bars in charts. Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks kindly

With your current set up, I would recommend looking into 3rd party apps to achieve your end result here. I understand this isn’t the most ideal way forward and apologise for that!

As for colours, if the bar chart is reflecting a group or status column, the colours will reflect those chosen for the group or status label, that said, I am afraid theres no way to further customise the colours at this stage …

@lianvw I suggest taking a look at the Analytics & Reports by Screenful. It supports tracking multiple multiple metrics in a single chart (line or bar charts). Here’s an example of a bar chart displaying data from three different number columns:

You can learn more about these charts or start a free trial.