Data from Multiple Date Columns in the X Axis?

Hi everyone,

We partially use to track the amount of people we’ve supported into employment and the date at which they were offered a job. Each participant has their own ‘item’ on our board, which includes various data including when they were offered a job.

However, some of the people we support secure more than one job in the time they’re with us. This means that each item has multiple date columns.

We then use a chart to show us the date at which people received a job offer. This works fine, but when people get more than one job, the chart doesn’t seem to be able to include data more than one column in the x axis. This means we currently have 3 different charts for people who have multiple job offers.

Is there a way to combine these charts/filter to more than one data column on the x axis?
Thank you in advance.


Hi there @Lewis95, I tried playing around with this quickly and had the same issue. A way you could try, is using subitems as separate jobs for that employee and try count the subitems instead of the main item. Monday doesn’t have a lot of integration for subitems, but I know they are updating that soon.

Alternatively, you could create an automation that creates a items in a new board whenever you add a date or change a date on the employee. So that date you have in that board could serve as a “most recent” job column, then an automation runs every time you change that column to create an item in a new board with the employee’s name as the item name and that new date. On that new board you would have all the data you are asking for in this on. And if you really wanted a fully organized board on the back end, you could have groups for each employee on that new board and use an automation system like “” to organize the jobs into those groups.

Hi @NathanKind, thank you for you reply, it’s greatly appreciated.

I managed to make it work using an adaptation of your second solution. I’ve created a private board, and whenever someone enters a date into ‘2nd Job Secured’ or ‘3rd Job Secured’ or ‘4th Job Secured’, a copy will be made onto the private board containing the date. I can then filter to these dates on the board, along with the dates on my original board, using the chart.

Thank you for helping with this, it’s been a headache for quite some time! This is how things now look. Much neater.

@Lewis95, I’m glad you got that figured out and am happy to hear that I may have been some help to you.

If you ever need help on larger issues or projects I work for a Partner who specialize in and integration and automations. We focus on small to medium size businesses to help them streamline their own services, creating time to focus on the things that are most important. If you ever need a hand, I would be delighted to extend our professional services to you. See link below:

Hi Nathan,

Thank you again for your support. I will certainly keep your organisation in mind! :slight_smile: