Forecast value bar chart set up help

Hello, I have a board called “Proposals” where I track all the company’s bids. We normally split the payment of each service in two or three instalments depending on client’s needs. (50/50; 30/30/40; etc) I need a way to reflect this in a bar chart that gives me an estimation of forecast revenue received by month.
I have three number columns (Invoice 1, 2, 3) with three timeline columns (Expected payment Inv-1, Inv-2 and Inv-3)
That way, I know “Proposal X” could generate £5000 in Jan 24, and £5000 in March 24.

When creating a bar chart, I am struggling to find the right value on the X axis, that organize Items by month and stack them by value. Below are “Proposals” organized by date column “Date proposal sent” which it doesn’t work as some months we don’t send proposals but we have forecast revenue coming in (Ie: Missing January where we have £10K forecasted revenue)

Can somebody help me finding the right value for X axis to visualize all months and organize items by month and stack them by value?


Hey William!

Charlotte here from the monday team! :wave:

Though it is not the most intuitive way to do it, have you thought about adding a Status Column listing the months that corresponds to your proposals values?

You can collapse it in the board so you don’t have to see this column but just use it for the sake of being the x-axis on this graph.

Let us know your thoughts!

Hi Charlotte, Thanks for your response.

So Instead of a timeline column next to each number column named “Invoice 1,2,3”, what you are proposing is adding a status column with each month? As the status is not a date value we will then loose the functionality of grouping the items by month, quarter and year, which is pretty much the whole point of the chart. Is there something I am missing from your response?
Can we give it some more thought please?
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Hey William!

This ones a little tricky as the timeline column isn’t supported in the chart widget, and from my understanding of your set-up, you’d ideally like to track those timeline dates, grouped by month with the values in the bars (stacked by the seperate invoice amounts) - is this right? I might need a little bit of time to play around with this, to see if we can workaround the timeline column limitation, but do let me know if I’ve misunderstood your request :pray:

Hello Bianca, thank you for looking into this. That is correct, I need a bar graph with the items grouped by month,( the X axis displaying all months Jan-Dec) and stacked by the value of the invoice amount.
If the timeline value is not supported on the chart widget, could be swapped by a date value? (Where the date is the first day of the month we are expecting the payment?) Would that work?

Hello @BiancaT any solution in here? Any other Monday member who can be tagged and look at this? Cheers

Hey William,

Thanks for your patience with me!

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I am afraid if we use stacked bar, it’s not possible to then choose each of those seperate invoice columns… same goes for in a normal bar chart with the date columns… if you have 3 seperate date columns measuring the first day of the month for each invoice, it isn’t possible to select all 3 date columns when configuring the chart :confused:

If we could utilise the one date column, I think we could make the standard bar chart work for you? However this may require some structural changes to your workflow…

I have played around with the board structure and set up the following:

I understand it changes things around, and may not necessarily measure in the exact form desired, but I’d love to hear your thoughts so far :pray:

Hello @BiancaT Thank you for your time and looking into this. I have already explored the option of creating a group for each “Proposal” it doesn’t work for us as we already grouped proposals following a criteria. I have also explored adding each invoice as a subitem but as I discovered with another Monday customer support person, didn’t work either.

The solution is as simple as using the data from a date column to create a chronological X axis showing all the months, including those that have no data. But for some reason it can’t be done?

I understand and appreciate your continued patience.

If you were to simply have 1 date column, to measure against the 3 invoices this could work.

However, we wouldn’t be able to stack by the invoice amount, as it’s only possible to choose one column…

Moreover, there is one month (October) that contains no data on the Y axis but it is showing on the X Axis as 0. Whereas January is not showing on X axis although it does contain data on the Y Axis.