Timeline column and chart Enterprise?

Is it possible to create a chart with months along the bottom (x-axis), and revenue (y-axis) along the top using the timeline column or mirrored timeline column.
Is Enterprise needed?
Or is there an app that can do the same?

Hey Kofi!

You won’t be able to use the timeline column in the charts to show months but you could use a date column and select the first or last day of each month to show more of a timeline.

What do you think about this workaround?

Thanks for this, possibly, how would I do this for task/project that was over over 7 months, had a value of 240,000 for example?

My aim was to have two columns, 1 for value of 240,000 and another column of the timeline, and then when I plot a chart, I set the timeline on the x-axis and value on the y-axis, and then it will evenly distribute the 240,000 over the 7 relevant months.

Does that make sense?