Cashflow Projections. I use Monday as a general contractor. We have a master project list with a timeline and a budget column. I want a dashboard that shows projected cashflows

I want to create a dashboard that shows project cashflows for the organization.
My board columns are - job name, timeline, and budget.

x axis should be months, or quarters. The start of the x axis should be the earliest date in any given timeline and the end should be the last date on any given timeline,
y axis should be $ and be calculating the sum of all jobs budget divided by number of months in the timeline.

I cannot find a way to get months on an x axis. I am open to adding columns.

Looking for feedback and advice on this.

Hi @jordans ,

You can group the date column as month on the x-axis of a board . By doing this, you will obtain a graph representing each month and the corresponding items within that month


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This would only work if each client only made a single payment, but would not be helpful in representing cashflow for a sustained subscription model (where a monthly fee is processed for each month of the contract based on the timeline column), right?

As an example, I have a $100,000 project that starts June 1 and ends Sept 31. I would want to calculate $100,000 / 4 months. Then I would see a cash flow of $25,000 for June, July, Aug, and Sept. this would happen for each of the projects rows we have and i want a total overview of the sum of project cashflows for any given month in the form of a chart, or bar graph.

You need to create a dashboard to track the cash flow of your organization’s projects. To do this, you want to display cash flows by month or quarter on a timeline. Your X-axis should contain months or quarters, starting with the earliest date and ending with the latest. The Y axis should show the budget amount divided by the number of months on the timeline. First you need to add a month or quarter column. You can then use functions or formulas to calculate the budget amount by month and display this information on a dashboard.

You have reiterated my requirements. We use the timeline column to track projected durations. The timeline column cannot be added to the x-axis of a chart. I have not found a way to extrapolate the timeline column so I can used months on the x-axis. I have no issue creating a function that takes the timeline and budget columns to display $/month.

Hello @jordans , I have a few questions.

  1. For each job, you have multiple payments during a timeline, correct? And those payments in sum total the “budget” column?
  2. Or, do you have a job with a budget. Then you track each payment someplace else?

Based on how I understand your situation, it sounds like you will need to create a new item for each payment. Then set a date for when that payment is due. This will allow you to create a dashboard for payments/incoming cashflow by month. Is your primary use case accounting or tracking the project progress? You could always make each job a project and role it up in a high level/low level portfolio view. This method would not be ideal if you have 100s of jobs at a time though.

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This is for rough forecasting only. We have a job with a budget.
Actual invoicing and payments take place elsewhere.


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