Updates Chart

Hi there,

I’m pretty new to building reports and charts using monday.com, but I’ve been doing it for a long time using Zendesk, so I’ll try to explain what I want to build the way I know I can with Zendesk.

We have a board that is used by the Support team and the Legal team. The Support team adds items to a 'New" group in the board, and when the legal team changes the status to either ‘Checking with the Artist’ or ‘Checking with the Claimant’, the item moves to a ‘Follow Up’ group.

Currently the date column in the board refers to the date the item was added.

I want to create a report that will show me how many tickets were in each of the aforementioned statuses in the ‘Follow Up’ group, grouped by weeks.

I built something that looks like the attached photo.

I’m worried that because I don’t have a date of update column, I won’t have the real data. I need to know how many tickets were in both statuses on let’s say Oct 15, for example, even if their status has changed since then.

Hope that was clear enough, thank you for your help!

Hey there! Charlotte here from the support team - I’d be happy to make some suggestions!

You’re right that it might be helpful to add another date column here so that you can filter according to when the item was updated versus when it was created. While this sounds annoying and cumbersome, we can automate it so that you don’t have to worry about it or touch it and you can even hide it on the board so you don’t see it! It’ll just serve its purpose in the chart!

My suggestion for how to automate this would be to set up the following automation in addition to the one you already have that moves the item:
“When status changes to ‘Checking with the Artist’, set date to today”

This will allow your new date column to always have the date of when the item was moved to the “Follow Up” group.

Then, you can use a Chart Board View to see the tickets with those statuses and deselect any groups in the board you don’t want to see in this setting:

After that, you can go into the “Filters” feature at the top of your chart view and select the time frame you want to filter by within the new date column you added.

What do you think of this idea? Let me know your thoughts!

This is great @CharlotteK Thank you so much for the detailed response!

Just to make sure, will this allow me to see items that were in either of these statuses at a certain time frame, even if their status has changed since then?

I sort of expanded on your idea. Please let me know if what I did makes sense and will achieve what I’m hoping it will.

We have the following groups in our board:

  1. New - For new items added to the board
  2. Follow Up - For when our legal team starts their handling of the item
  3. Update the user - The item is sent back to CS team to update the users
  4. Done - The item has been resolved

We want to track how long it takes for items to be in each group, to measure SLA.

I created a separate date column for each group and an automation for when an item is moved to each group.

I’m hoping I can create a chart filtered by the groups and statuses I want to examine, that will show me the amount of tickets in each group and status by dates.

Does this make sense?