New Column Type - Number or Status Column that Changes Over Time

Often I have a number or status column that changes value at regular intervals (e.g. monthly). only lets you create charts based on the current value of that column (a snapshot in time). We need a way to create a chart that will show the value of that number or status at multiple historical points in time. In other words, a column that can store timestamped history of changes, and use that information for a trend chart.

The only current way to create such a chart is to structure the board in a very specific way, in which groups represent date periods and the same list of items is in each group OR each item is duplicated for as many date periods as necessary with each item having a different date period column. Neither of these is conducive to how most boards are structured.

Two potential solutions: (1) Perhaps this would require two linked columns - one for the number or status, and the other indicating how frequently that column changes, (2) use the information in the item’s activity log, which is already timestamping column changes.

Here’s an example: Each item is a hospital and the number column is the number of patients in that hospital currently. That number could be updated weekly. Then would want to create a chart that shows patient count by week.