Identify last time an item in a group was updated

I have a board with about 100 groups. Each group has 10-30 items. I’d like to know the last time any item in a group was updated (which, to me, means that the group was updated). The only option I’ve found is using the Last Updated column and then creating a bar chart that shows the Max value of the Last Updated column by group. However, that doesn’t really work because of the volume of groups and items so the bars are squished together and difficult to read. Is there a creative automation or something that anyone has done to accomplish this? Otherwise, I’m stuck manually reviewing all rows. I’d much rather have an exception report. Thanks!

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In addition to using the Last Updated column, you might like to use a feature from our monday.labs menu.
This is where you can find all of the features that are still in beta and activate them for your account.
We have a feature called ‘Highlight new board changes’.
This feature will visually highlight any data that has changed since your last visit to the particular board.
This allows you to easily find the most recent changes to your board.

You can find the monday.labs menu here:

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Hi Dani -

Unfortunately not. That was a very helpful tip for some other stuff but I’m still looking for a way to easily identify the last time any item in a group was updated without having to look through every item. Ideally, I’d love to have a report that shows only those groups where all items haven’t been updated in the past 2 weeks.

If there are other suggestions, please let me know.


Hi @amy.westlake - you could try to visualize this in a chart perhaps (its not perfect). Basically a simple stacked bar chart where x-axis = Last Updated, stack by = Group.

You could then set a filter on Last Updated to the past two weeks?