Is there a way to see which group an item belongs to from the updates section?


Is there a way to have an arching link in the line item? An arching link to see which group does this line item belong? I hope Monday will include that UI where when someone opens the update box of that line item, it will show on top of it which group in the board it belongs. Currently, it will only show you the name of the line item.

Anyone who knows some workarounds on this? It will be a great help for us. Thank you!

Hey @TJ_S ! This is a great question! There is not a sure-fire direct way to see which group an item belongs to from the updates section but I could see how this might be helpful in your workflow. What you can do is either add a column that will auto-add a status to indicate this information and then the “item card” app you have added to this view will then give you a visual of which group this belongs. Not a perfect solution but possibly a feasible workaround for you. Look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks Laura.

This workaround though is an added steps and clicks. In our case, we have multiple groups in a board. It’s never less than 10 groups in a board. So, adding a column and set an automation is too much of a maintenance and also, information in the item card isn’t hyperlinked. So if you wanted to see the entire group, you still have to manually search for it in Monday.