Start + End = Timeline App. Automation options

Hi all

I have a question about your Start + End = Timeline App.

For the automation which can be used with the app, I see there are two options shown on the app webpage:

But for me, I am only given the one option:

Do you maybe know why this is, and if I can also use the other option (which the status change)?

Many thanks.


hi @RenierSteynberg

Welcome to the community! We are the developer of that app and the image you are showing is a little outdated. To allow any kind of trigger (including status change) the app exposes itself as a custom automation building block. You can build this yourself (automations) and get the exact same results.

This also allows you to use this feature in a workflow that also have other actions and/or “and only if” in the trigger part.

Thank you! It worked