Status Column goes back to OVERDUE even if the item is marked as COMPLETE

Hi guys!

We’ve been building our onboarding template and one thing that’s beginning to be annoying is the Status column changing to OVERDUE even if the item has been marked COMPLETE.

Here’s the automation we run to change the item’s Status to Overdue.

I’m at a loss as to why the Status automatically changes even if it doesn’t meet the conditions we’ve set. Are there any other ideas as to why this happens?

Hey Alex,

I am following up with our automations team internally incase they can provide some insight into why this occurring. I will circle back once I have a reply :pray:

Hey Alex, thanks for your patience.

I have heard back from our product team who clarified the following:

These are And conditions, not Or. In this case, the recipe is trying to find items where they have ALL of these statuses, which of not possible, so that’s why it’s not running.
The user should make individual recipes for each condition.

We totally understand this certainly isn’t ideal and it has been noted internally. Thank you for your understanding in advance.