Status Column summary for items with and without and sub items


When I create a project and start building a group I have items and some of those have subitems. The status of the subitems I can combine to be shown in the main item. However items with out subitems I can not set there status once you choose to combine subitems status.

I can of course add an extra status column but that does not look right and clear to everyone.

If anybody has some advice or workaround it please let me know.

hi @Bob_Basket

We are close to releasing an app (called RollUp SubItems (RSI)) that rolls up status values of subitem to a so called RAG (Red Amber Green) status column. When there are no subitems for that parent you can set the same column as any other status column.

The issue with subitems rollup to parent is that monday has implemented this with the use of a special mirror column in the parent item. Although it looks nice it does not allow you to set that mirror column through the UI when there are no subitems.

Let me know if you want to be part of a Beta program within 3-4 weeks.

Hi @basdebruin thanks for you reply, yes would be interested to participate. Will this be a separate app inside Monday or just part of Monday

hi @Bob_Basket

It will be a seperate app integrated into the monday board. You can compare this app with the Rollup MUltiple Boards app (see 20|Rollup Multiple Boards - Excellent Team and this detailed document

Where Rollup Multiple Boards aggragtes date from all items in detail (down-level) boards, the new RSI app will do the same for subitems → items. It rolls up the subitems data to the parent item using normal monday columns (not mirrors). Status columns in the subitmes can be rolled up to a Red Amber Green status in the partne with these integration recipes:

There is a use case that might be useful to consider, and one that I might need to have before committing to a (great) product like yours.

In many situations, there is a distinct difference between “Closed” and “Done.” While it may seem like “splitting hairs,” it helps to have a record of things that weren’t done, but approved to be “by-passed.” in the process. Both of these statuses should roll-up into a “Complete” or “Done” status on the parent item. Monday does allow you to select which status selections indicate an item is “Done,” but without true support of subitems (IMHO), it isn’t very useful for tracking progress.

If I am understanding your application correctly, I can only have the default three status options, or would have to break out the status options into several different columns, potentially creating more confusion. I have used “Working on it, Stuck, Closed, Awaiting Internal Response, Awaiting External Response, Sent for Approval, Approved, and Done,” as default status’ that will work for (almost) every task. Sure there are some that don’t go through approval, or might not need Awaiting External Response, but having them allows me to quickly see, filter and sort based on where a task is, and then focus on what needs more pressure to complete.

If I was able to specify Done and Closed as “Green,” Stuck as “Red” (maybe Awaiting External Response for some) and the remainder as Amber, I think it would be very useful.

This is probably more of a monday limitation though, and I do not mean to dismiss your product in any way. I just wanted to share an example of how it may not work. I am always open to new ideas in project management though, and I try to learn something new each day!

hi @Bill_In_Ohio

Thank you for your response. Do I read it correctly that you want a traffic light (RAG) status in your parent item that turns:

  • Green when all subitem tasks are Done or Closed
  • Red when all (or just a percentage?) of subitems ar Stuck
  • Amber, anything else

Let me know if I interpret this correctly and I will have a look if we can implement this one.

Thank you for reaching out, but no - I think my long-winded answer was just that there are many other statuses that are needed to be viewed, and I’m not sure that just RAG would work in our situation, and many others.

hi @Bob_Basket

The app is now available in our app-store at 25|Rollup Subitems - Excellent Team. See also the posts: Use Mirroring With Automation - #55 by basdebruin and Merged mirror columns for items with no subtasks - #5 by basdebruin.