Status indicator when all or some data in a pulse is completed

Hi All, first time posting here…

I am creating a board that has many columns of data. I want some kind of status indicator that can change when all of the required fields have data entered in to them so that I can see if they are complete without having to scroll right and check each cell manually. Can you help?

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I wonder about a roundabout way to accomplish this (which I haven’t yet tried). If you have a formula column (which you can collapse) beside each column that needed data in it, you may be able to use a formula to output a value (0,1) if data is in the column beside it. Then count all values in the formula columns. If you have 20 columns with data, and all columns had data in them, then the count would be 20. If columns had no data, the corresponding formula column would contain “0” and you would have less than 20.

Another option @Hangman would be to build a filtered view that only shows items that have empty columns that you are tracking, plus the Last Updated column. You would only see rows that are missing data and the Last Updated column would provide context for how long has it sat in that incomplete state.


All good options! Just to give you some more options on this one @Hangman :wink: You could create a formula column that adds up how many columns have a value over zero (i.e. SUM(IF({columnX}>0,“1”),IF({columnY}>0,“1”,…)). You could then view that to know how many columns have been filled in with data (if the data is numerical).

Beyond that, you could create a formula that if that if the sum of a column equals a certain number (i.e. all the columns have been filled in with data), it returns back a phrase like “all data complete,” or whatever works for you.

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Hey @Hangman, thanks for posting! Another way to go could be using The Progress Tracking Column, which will give you a quick visual of how many status columns are marked as done for any given item.

Feel free to let me know what you think!