Status is something notify someone every time period

I have a board where, through a form another group can request immediate assistance from our automation group. The board automatically assigns a team, sets the status to “Unassigned” and notifies the team.

Once one of the automation techs assigns themselves to the task, the status automatically changes to “working on it” and sends another notification to the team who has taken responsibility.

I would like to have the ability to automatically notify the team when the status remains “Unassigned” for more than one hour.

For the automation When status is something, notify someone every time period The only option for time period is Daily, Weekly or Monthly. It would be helpful to have hours as well.

Hey Phill

Thanks for the suggestion!

So, you’re saying that in the options here you would also like “Hourly”?

I think the solution right now would be to add an automation for every hour of the work day. Could that wok for you?


Hi Julia,

Yes that would work perfectly and thank you for the quick response.



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yes, yes, yes! hours in this , please!!!

We would also like to see more of the automations available “after some time” because we update the status of something with an automation to move to a group or new board and may not have updated everything about it before it disappears in front of our face and we have to go find it. We don’t want to wait a whole day to move something we delay by “some time”, we many times just need an hour or 3. Waiting a whole day could impact some reporting, but without the option for hours, we are stuck using that :frowning:

Hi @straister

Would my suggestion work for you? I.e. adding multiple automations hours apart to get around the current limitation?

Yes, just that we don’t have the option to select hours yet, do we?

Hi @straister

Indeed, you’re right. Thanks for that feedback—we’ll pass it along!

Thanks Julia – Also , if I might add: It would go well with the idea about being able to copy instead of re find and retype each automation, because there would be so many to accomplish this! Thanks for being so engaged!

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Hi -

Is this “multiple automations hours apart” on the roadmap yet? Thanks!