Status updates are disabled for hidden columns

I would like to restrict the view of selected status columns from some of my staff. But we would still like the option to enable updates/comments against the status column.

I have used the column permissions option and selected ‘restrict column view’. I’ve also selected the staff I wish to continue viewing and editing the status column. However, now myself (admin of the board) and the staff I’ve selected to view and edit are now unable to record an update/comment against the status column.

We use the status update/comment feature a lot, so we don’t want to lose this function. But we really need to restrict the viewing/editing of the columns from other staff.

What can we do or is there another option?

If your other staff do not need to provide inputs, you could just give them a filtered view link.

Hi @natcrocstars - The logic here about why you can’t comment on a restricted view column is that when you comment, the label of the status column (value) shows up with the comment in the Updates area. That defeats the view restriction by exposing the info from the status column. Like so - status column comment

One workaround could be to make the status column a mirrored column from a private board that only some staff are subscribed to. You could then comment freely on that status and see it in the main board, but it would not exist for the other staff members. Comments would show up separately in the other private board, however.

Great, thanks for the tip!

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