Lockdown Column View and Column Edit

Good morning,

We have a board where we assign out tasks to members of our Help Desk. Our current process flow is:

  1. Users submit a ticket using the Form function linked on our Intranet
  2. Our BA Super Users review and make any adjustments and then assign out to our IT staff
  3. IT Staff work the ticket and put updates in Monday.com
  4. The user signs off on the ticket in Monday.com
  5. The IT staff mark the ticket as complete and that a signoff has been received

We have automated large steps in the process for things like updates, due dates, default item values et cetera. Where we are stuck is at column permissions. With 109 users and growing, and because we use this board for audit purposes, we obviously don’t want people to make changes they wouldn’t otherwise be authorized for and some users should only be able to view certain data sets.

This is where we run into our hiccup:

  1. We have set board level permissions that indicate updates can only be made by the Super Users and the Assigned To (a person column where we list the IT staff member the ticket is assigned to).
  2. We are setting up column based permissions because do not need our IT staff members who are assigned a ticket to update certain columns. We are restricting column edit for those critical items and setting the permission to our Super Users.
  3. We want to also lock down the ability to view the column for some of our users…

You cannot restrict column edit and column view at the same time in any way that I can see. I am able to lock down either column edit or column view.

Column has a permission set for view access; trying to set up an edit access as well you do not have the option. Clicking Permissions Settings just allows you to change who has access to view.

I understand that if you cannot view a column you cannot edit it – however our business case remains the same:

  1. Super users need to be able to see everything and edit everything. Accomplished.
  2. Assigned To (IT Staff) need to be able to see everything and edit only specific fields on tasks they are assigned to. Accomplished.
  3. Regular users need to be locked out of editing anything unless they are assigned (Accomplished) and only view certain columns. Partially accomplished.

For item 3, making a view that is for users has not proven helpful because the default board view has everything. Changing the default board view to the locked down version also isn’t helpful because then our IT staff and Super Users have to change view to do their work.

Does anyone know of a work around for this?