Ability control who can view & edit a column or view

I could only find one other topic similar to this and it was closed and locked so I could not vote or respond.

I have situations where I want users to have access to all items on a board but I want to limit the columns they can see AND I want to limit the users who can edit that particular column… For example, I want my senior leaders to see all of our investment partners (column) but that column should only be editable by our investments team. Lower level leaders should not see or be able to edit that column.

Same is true for views. I would like to have the ability to lock views & make views visible to only certain individuals.

Hey Cole, I think our column permissions are what you’re looking for! Column permissions are available on our Pro Plan and above. You can find more information via the embedded link. Let me know if you have any questions :pray:

You’re correct, that would work perfectly IF you could use both the “View” function & the “Edit” function on the same column at the same time but the system only allows you to use one or the other. The request is to allow us to use both at the same time so that I can limit who can see it AND of the people who can see it who can edit it.