Stopping a Google event being created everytime I make a change

Hi All,

I have my various boards set up with google calendar integration which is great as it lets me track the tasks and see whats coming up. However, it is annoying that a event is create EVERYTIME I make a change to the board. I really only want changes to be made when I change something in the date or timeline columns however the integration doesn’t have this functionality it seems. Anyone have a solution?

Seems there is A LOT more works for the devs in this space to improve the options and functionality.

Hey @Journeyman,

I hear you on this and can certainly share this feedback internally! For the time being, could a solution be to instead utilise this integration recipe?

Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 3.00.12 pm

I ask this as it would at-least combat the issue of events constantly being created when a change is made in the item - the event will only be created when a person is assigned. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Hi Bianca,

Thanks for the reply. This partly could address the issue, however due to the nature of my work the timeframes often need to be flexible and be adjusted so how do I ensure that a change to the date is reflected in my google calendar using this integration? Would I need to unassign and assign each change?

Hey @Journeyman - thanks for getting back to me! You would need to assign/unassign for each change - which I can understand is not the most ideal process for you. I understand that the current setup is causing you some grief in-terms of constantly creating google events, however if you’re making changes on a regular basis, this might be better suited than having to reassign users each time. As mentioned, I have shared your comments with our team internally and hope we can make the relevant changes in the future :pray:

Thanks Bianca. I have seen many posts about calendar integration so I do think this is an area for improvement.

Could I also suggest that only being able to integrate 5 boards to the calendar dashboard widget is very limiting. I could use this however it cannot cater for the number of boards I operate.



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