Stuck on creating notification - help!

The goal seems simple, automate a notification when the number of hours logged exceeds the preset budgeted hours.

The problem, I think, is both of the columns with data are created by formulas.

  • Total time is the sum of sub-items (each a time entry).
  • Budgeted hours is a simple number entry.
  • % to Budget, which would be perfect to use for the notification, does the math of Budget to Total Time = %.

This notification construct is exactly what is needed, but because the NUMBER (the Total Time column) is created from a formula it is not a selectable column - is this correct?

Recommendations on steps to make this seemingly simple equation work in

Hey Troy,

I am afraid the formula column isn’t currently supported in automations, I apologise for the setback here.

There are a few apps available in our apps marketplace that support formulas in automations:

  • General Caster
  • Autoboost

Whilst you may not find your exact recipe, you can build a recipe that integrates the formula via the app, which can then trigger a native recipe to notify you…

I hope this helps!