Subitem Activity

Hello Monday Community! I have a quick question about the activity log. I am gathering data about the date columns in our subitems and tracking how many meeting needed to be rescheduled, but the activity log does not include subitems. Is there a filter I’m missing, or another way to see subitem activity?

Hey @mammamia each subitem has its own activity log. (right next to the updates section for the subitem) Unfortunately I think that may be a pain for you to go through and click each subitem and its activity.

If you are looking to do this excercise in the future I would recommend setting an automation an item in a separate board to ‘log’ each time a date changes on the subitem. should be a quick custom automation that will give you that data in future.

Hope that helps!

This was incredibly helpful! Thank you @timlittletech!

happy to help!

Good luck building!

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