SubItem#Count Issues

I am trying to perform a calculation, but only if there are subitems for a item.
AND({SubItem#Count} > 0, {Points} > 0),
({Points} /{SubItem#Count}),

The logic appears to work fine, because when I replace the division with “true” and {Points} with “false” it prints out as I would expect.

But, with the division in there I get errors about “invalid parameter” and “can’t divide by 0”.


Everywhere it says false, it should pull in the left column.

Right most column is just this formula:
AND({SubItem#Count} > 0, {Points} > 0),


Try this instead:

IF( AND({SubItem#Count} > 0, {Points} > 0), DIVIDE({Points} ,{SubItem#Count}), {Points})

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