Subitem creation

I have items of action items with materials needed as subitems tied to them. When I change the status of a subitem to ORDERED I’d like to create a new subitem in a separate board and link back to the other to share status so I know when the item has been received. Possible? Suggestions??

Can you clarify if the subitem created to another board is already connected to the action item from board 1?

It is not. The goal is to be able to track materials ordered for an action to be done on site and know when the material has been

Item/Problem - door is broken

  • subitem - order door. Status for line gets changed from not ordered to ordered.

Action - create subitem in warehouse board incoming orders group from subitem on other board and tie back for status changes such as received and stored in job bin.

Would this do it?

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That’s close but I want to create a subitem

So you want to create a subitem in the warehouse board… under what item? How would it know what item to create the subitem under on another board?

What might work doing a connect board column from the item/problem board and then mirroring that column to the warehouse board and then having a status trigger from the item/problem board trigger a change to status on the warehouse board. Then this could trigger another automation on the warehouse board to create a subitem based on the mirrored column information. It’s a pretty big workaround, but possible?

I think trying to make both on a subitem level might become more conviluted in the long run which is why @codyfrisch is showing the subitem to item creation instead. It’s more commonly used in ticketing and tracking situations just because it is easier to search and find information that way.

I would highly encourage you to explore other creative ways to acheive your goals for this situation if you are envisioning this to be a long-term solution.

Hey @MSMITH-Hollingsworth, @jailynnhoops, @codyfrisch

We developed an app that can solves this exact problem. It allows to automatically create item / subitem in a different board and connect it to the subitem that was created. See below -

This way, you can make sure that the subitems are automatically shown where needed and you can utilize mirror column to show the relevant info.

We’re constantly adding new capabilities to it to make sure it’s easy and powerful to run automation on subitems just like it’s powerful on “regular” items.
You can find it in the marketplace in the platform or here - Apps Marketplace

Hope that helps!

Interesting! I would question if it is dynamic enough to create subitems on multiple different items.

I’ve installed the app but do not see the automation to create a subitem in another board when a subitem is created. Can you give me some help on how to find it.