Subitems automations and diagrams

Hi everyone,
I have a table with all of my company’s numbered goals, and I regularly record the progress of those goals, then list each statement in sub-elements.

So these sub-elements have a date and a value, and I would like to be able to present a histogram of values ​​according to date, but impossible according to monday.

Do you have a solution ? I thank you in advance

Hi @robinjoseph - You can set charts in dashboards based on subitem values. Can you expand on how you would like things visualized and we can see if there is an option out there.


Hi @mark.anley, thank for your answer.

My table is composed of many key performance indicators, presenting an objective and a deadline but also the date of the last reading, the next reading, the frequency of reading, the person in charge, etc.

For each element, when the reading date arrives, the person responsible for the indicator will add a new sub-element and will report the value of the indicator at the time t of its reading. The date of the statement is entered automatically by Monday thanks to an automation.

So I would like to produce as many histogram as there are elements in the table. The title of the histogram would be the name of the element, and there would be as many points in the histogram as sub- items (records). The x axis would therefore correspond to the dates and the y axis to the values.

I hope I was clear, thanks for your help.