Subitems fields duplicate problem


I created two item and subitems, when i want to change same column name it can be seen as a “new” in that image, both column names change at the same time, how do i fix the name differently?

May anyone help for that issue?

Thanks in advance.

When sub-items are added to a board, a secondary board is created behind the scenes. The rules for this secondary board are similar to those of a “primary” board. In regard to your question, this means that all of the sub-item columns (and the associated names) will always be the same for all the sub-items on that board.

If you can give more details about your use case and what it is that you want to accomplish, maybe we can help find a different way to get you what you need.

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Hey @fatiksahin, could you elaborate a bit more on what you’re looking to achieve with different columns in subitems? How would it improve your workflow concretely?

I’d love to learn more to see if I can offer alternative solutions to you because what @JCorrell said is correct :blush: