Submitting app to the marketplace

Hi there,

We have submitted our app “Appgami Retrospectives” - which has won one of the prizes of the first apps hackathon - about a week ago and we still didn’t get a confirmation of the submission or a confirmation of when the app will be published.

Who could help to follow up on this?

Same here, wondering if the submission process is broken?

It took over 3 weeks to begin our review after submission. There’s a lot to it, definitely not a rubber stamping of apps, so I think things are just that busy, it will take a while. We were asked to add new features so that added some time to ours. Now we are finally in the home stretch, although we have to redo documentation and videos to cover the new features.

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Hi Antonio,

Sorry for the delay - we received the app submission and will shortly get to it. We are making some review process adjustments following the marketplace launch and have a bit of a backlog.

Thanks for submitting the app - we look forward to onboarding it to the marketplace!


Hi Bas,

Not quite broken… We will shortly get back on top of all the submissions.

Thanks for your patience,