Substitute formula doesn't work with "."

Hi! Does someone know why substitute formula doesn’t delete dots? It deletes dashes comas and every other symbol, but with dots it deletes the whole number. Would appreciate insight! The goal is to remove the dots manually placed from the numbers for database treatment.

I sadly haven’t found a better way than this, but it does work:


{YourColumn} equals 1.234.567-8K for this example

Here’s what happens:

  1. SUBSTITUTE({YourColumn},“-”,“”) Removes the “-” for nothing (“”), just like you did.
    1.234.567-8K becomes 1.234.5678K

  2. split(SUBSTITUTE({YourColumn},“-”,“”),“.”) or split(ResultStepOne,“.”) breaks the string of characters where the character is “.”
    So 1.234.5678K becomes 1 and 234 and 5678K

  3. CONCATENATE(split(SUBSTITUTE({YourColumn},“-”,“”),“.”)) or Concatenate(“1”,“234”,“5678K”) joins the different string that we split a the previous step to become 12345678K !

Hope this helped, please ask if you have any more questions.

Hola @isidora,

Intenta con:

SUBSTITUTE({RUT}, "\.", "")