Support of `type` argument in boards

Hi Team,

I see that we have a new response property in board i.e. type which is of type BoardObjectType' and has values like board, sub_items_board or document`.

We have a usecase where we need boards which are of type boards only.
Is it possible to have this type property as an argument field? So when I give type as board it will list down only board type boards.

Hello there @Yash!

As of today the type can not be used as an argument for boards.

Having said that, I will add this as a feature request :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Matias.Monday. It would be really helpful if we get this feature in this week.

Hello @Yash!

I do not think that this will be implemented soon.

Please check every now and then our changelog to know about our most recent changes :slightly_smiling_face: