Syncing items between main board and shareable board

Hey team.
Here’s a quick question on syncing items between boards.

I’d like to sync items between two boards. One is a main board for managing requests from all clients and the other one is a shareable board for certain clients who want to communicate with us directly about their request through

The best is, if our clients leave updates or replies to the items of a shareable board, I want to see those comments from main board as well.

I’ve already tried connect board and mirrored column features but it seems not working cause we have to synchronize main board and shareable board.

Need your help guys. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Kayla - you’re right that the updates don’t sync or mirror in connected boards. A work-around might be to have a “Updates” text column that is mirrored from the Shareable to the main, OR you could create a dashboard that the clients see instead of a board and utilize the Discussions widget: you can find that in the Apps Marketplace. Let me know if you have trouble finding it or want me to show you it in a quick demo: Calendly - Julie Thoreen

Hey @JulieLucidDay - I’ve reviewed the way that you recommended but I still need two separated boards per permission types. Now I’m reading API document to achieve what I want. :sweat:
By the way your idea is helpful. Thanks for sharing with us your opinion.